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In year 1924, Albert Kretschmer, together with Carl-August Nieten from Duisburg in the Sudeten town of Tetschen, established NIETEN, an international transport company, mainly specialized for wood transporting. From 1927 as the company's sole partner gradually built the largest wood forwarding company in Czechoslovakia and Austria. Albert Kretschmer's daughter, Christl Lastovka-Kretschmer and her son Klaus Lastovka continued to building a family business by setting up branches and offices specializing in providing customs services in an expanding Europe.

In 1992, Nieten Internationale Spedition entered the Czech market and built a network of border and inland offices specializing on providing of customs clearance and transport services.

In 2001, was founded company Nieten Zollservice in Slovakia, which provides customs clearance throughout the Slovak Republic.

In 2003, was established Nieten Serwis Celny in Poland, which offers warehousing, transport and customs services throughout Poland.

In 2009, was established in the Czech Republic company Kontisped s.r.o., which provides transport services, warehousing and other related services - such as the release of goods in EU ports and the issuance of transit documents from EU ports. Because of maintaining of neutrality company Nieten CZ, take over Kontisped s.r.o. all activities with transport and forwarding.

In 2020, was established in the Czech Republic by Nieten Internationale Spedition CZ, Kontisped s.r.o. and EMO-LOG GmbH, company EMOLOG CZ s.r.o. The company offers customs services specializing on E-Commerce shipments, especially with Switzerland.

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