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Customs Services

Goods clearance in import and export, customs procedures with economic impact (inward processing, outward processing, temporary admission, processing under customs control, customs warehousing). Drawing documents in the transit procedure (T1, T2), certificates of goods origin and transport documents (CMR). Delivery clearance in Germany in the transit procedure, container release from Hamburg, Frankfurt and the following customs clearance on the way to the customer.

Neutralization (exchange) of documents when importing from third countries as well as in the frame of the EU. Drawing and dealing with TIR and ATA carnets. Customs debt guarantee in all operation types, filing customs procedures with economic impact. Writing applications for simplified procedures in exports, imports and common transits – approved consignor and consignee, customs warehousing and approved exporter according to the conditions of individual companies, based on an order and a quotation, writing applications for establishing a public or private customs warehouse, with the possibility of a guarantee by the firm Nieten Zollservice s.r.o.

Filing simplified procedures (in electronic form). Representation of companies in customs and administrative procedures before Customs Offices (solving more complicated problems, filing legal remedies against decisions of customs authorities in all instances, finishing and settling unconfirmed goods deliveries in T1, T2 documents etc. Solving the problem of binding information on the customs tariff classification and goods origin. Optimizing goods import and export outside the EU and in the frame of the EU trade, TARIC classification of goods, conditions of goods import.

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